Heavy / Civil

  • Design/Build Services
  • Site Development
  • Storm Water Conveyance
  • Erosion Control
  • Surveying
  • Road Construction and Maintenance
  • Parking
  • Asphalt and Concrete
  • Utility Installation
  • Foundations
  • Demolition and Recycling
  • Snow Removal
  • Jacoby Golf Course (Completed)

    University of Wyoming East Campus Drainage -Jacoby Golf Course-

    The scope of work for this project included over 70,000 CY of earth moving to construct a cascading series of ponds within an existing and active golf course. A combination cast-in-place concrete inlet structure was custom tailored to remove surplus storm water off of an existing City of Laramie street. Water is retained in the ponds by welded PVC liners that are protected by a Geo-Textile fabric layer under 12″ of remediated soil. The golf course now detains over 17 acre feet of water with the ability to use the ponds as a cistern for irrigation purposes. The landscaping and irrigation for this project required a full design/build effort.

    Earth Moving- 70,000 CY
    Pond Lining- 91,000 SF
    Storm Water Pipe- 940 LF
    Landscaping and Irrigation- 105,000 SF
    Seeding and Erosion Control- 6 AC
    Decorative Rock- 300 Tons

  • UW Half Acre Gymnasium Addition (Completed)

    University of Wyoming Half Acre Gym Addition Earthwork

    The Half Acre Gym was originally constructed in 1923. The facility has had multiple uses over its life including a training area and rifle range for the ROTC and is now primarily used for campus recreation and sports fitness. Groathouse Construction subcontracted the site demolition, earthwork, and utility installation of this $29.5MM project to Stonehouse, along with the entirely new parking, pedestrian traffic areas, and bus access. The work on this project took place within a fully-active campus. Earthmoving required the export and import of spoil and fill materials due to the lack of available space on the site. You can view the project via the time lapse photography at: http://oxblue.com/pro/?webPath=groathouse/gymrenovation

    Structural Earthwork-  43,000 SF
    Utility Installation- 1,100 LF
    Parking Lot Construction- 55,400 SF



  • Spring Creek Storage (Completed)

    Spring Creek Village and Storage Facility

    Spring Creek Village is a 5.5 acre commercial development located in Laramie near the I-80 and 3rd. St. interchange. The project is comprised of roughly 10 acres of cut/fill site development along with the extension of over 4 city blocks of Boswell Drive and 74,000 SF of gated self storage structures. Earthmoving operations on the project require special attention due to a high water table and primarily gypsum soils. Essentially 4 feet of material must be removed over the entire site. Suitable fill material is then imported and placed over a layer of Geotextile Grid to create a stable site foundation.

    Earthmoving- 90,000 CY
    Utility Installation- 6,500 LF
    Subgrade Stabilization- 19,048 SY
    Asphalt Paving- 12,650 SY
    Site Concrete- 75,850 SF

  • Enzi STEM Educational Facility Site Prep (Completed)

    UW Enzi STEM Educational Facility Site Prep.

    The STEM site is located at the intersection of 10th and Lewis St in Laramie. Site prep for this new 100,000 SF Facility required the demolition and deconstruction of a parking area, houses and other miscellaneous structures. Utility relocations included fiber optic, water and sanitary mains. Several large trees reaching heights of over 100 feet were recycled into planting bed mulch. The salvagable trees were relocated off site via tree spade. The western half of the site was excavated to a depth of approximately 4 feet below grade to ensure that all abandoned house foundations and concrete were removed.

    Earthmoving- 7,000 CY
    Utilities- 1,450 LF
    Demolition- 22,000 SF
    Clearing & Grubbing- 108,000 SF
    Asphalt Paving- 1,400 SY

  • City of Laramie SPT Phase 1 SCH 1 (Completed)

    City of Laramie, SPT Phase 1 SCH 1

    Special Purpose Tax projects for the City of Laramie are focused toward the rehabilitation of city streets and infrastructure. Phase 1 Schedule 1 included over 7 city blocks in 3 different locations. Through partnership with Simon Contractors, Stonehouse completed the demolition, storm water and surface earthwork portion of the 5 month project.

    Earthwork- 24,500 CY
    Surfacing Demolition- 41,000 SF
    Subgrade Stabilization- 23,000 SY
    Surface Restoration- 23,000 SY
    Landscaping- 38,000 SF

  • South Express Shuttle Parking Lot (Completed)