Curt Gowdy Erosion Mitigation (Completed)

Curt Gowdy State Park-State of WY Parks Department Erosion Mitigation

The 2 reservoirs within the state park were suffering from moderate to severe erosion damage throughout the entire area. The 2 year scope of work included cut fill balancing of over 80,000 cubic yards of on-site material and the import of 8,000 tons of crushed base. Reclamation operations included the elimination of steep slope areas with various types of erosion control measures.

-Cut/Fill 70,000 cubic yards of on-site material.
-Import and placement of 8,000 tons of Crushed Base.
-Construction and maintenance of 25 miles of primary and secondary roads.
-1200 lineal feet of storm water pipe.
-A new 3 acre day use parking area.
-Reconstruction/Remediation of 120 existing campsites.
-35 new variable use campsites.
-5 new ADA campsites.
-10,000 lineal feet of various types of fencing.
-7 acres of seeding and bonded fiber matrix.
-Placement of various types of permanent erosion control measures.

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