Enzi STEM Educational Facility Site Prep (Completed)

UW Enzi STEM Educational Facility Site Prep.

The STEM site is located at the intersection of 10th and Lewis St in Laramie. Site prep for this new 100,000 SF Facility required the demolition and deconstruction of a parking area, houses and other miscellaneous structures. Utility relocations included fiber optic, water and sanitary mains. Several large trees reaching heights of over 100 feet were recycled into planting bed mulch. The salvagable trees were relocated off site via tree spade. The western half of the site was excavated to a depth of approximately 4 feet below grade to ensure that all abandoned house foundations and concrete were removed.

Earthmoving- 7,000 CY
Utilities- 1,450 LF
Demolition- 22,000 SF
Clearing & Grubbing- 108,000 SF
Asphalt Paving- 1,400 SY

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