Jacoby Golf Course (Completed)

University of Wyoming East Campus Drainage -Jacoby Golf Course-

The scope of work for this project included over 70,000 CY of earth moving to construct a cascading series of ponds within an existing and active golf course. A combination cast-in-place concrete inlet structure was custom tailored to remove surplus storm water off of an existing City of Laramie street. Water is retained in the ponds by welded PVC liners that are protected by a Geo-Textile fabric layer under 12″ of remediated soil. The golf course now detains over 17 acre feet of water with the ability to use the ponds as a cistern for irrigation purposes. The landscaping and irrigation for this project required a full design/build effort.

Earth Moving- 70,000 CY
Pond Lining- 91,000 SF
Storm Water Pipe- 940 LF
Landscaping and Irrigation- 105,000 SF
Seeding and Erosion Control- 6 AC
Decorative Rock- 300 Tons

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