Spring Creek Storage (Completed)

Spring Creek Village and Storage Facility

Spring Creek Village is a 5.5 acre commercial development located in Laramie near the I-80 and 3rd. St. interchange. The project is comprised of roughly 10 acres of cut/fill site development along with the extension of over 4 city blocks of Boswell Drive and 74,000 SF of gated self storage structures. Earthmoving operations on the project require special attention due to a high water table and primarily gypsum soils. Essentially 4 feet of material must be removed over the entire site. Suitable fill material is then imported and placed over a layer of Geotextile Grid to create a stable site foundation.

Earthmoving- 90,000 CY
Utility Installation- 6,500 LF
Subgrade Stabilization- 19,048 SY
Asphalt Paving- 12,650 SY
Site Concrete- 75,850 SF

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