UW Half Acre Gymnasium Addition (Completed)

University of Wyoming Half Acre Gym Addition Earthwork

The Half Acre Gym was originally constructed in 1923. The facility has had multiple uses over its life including a training area and rifle range for the ROTC and is now primarily used for campus recreation and sports fitness. Groathouse Construction subcontracted the site demolition, earthwork, and utility installation of this $29.5MM project to Stonehouse, along with the entirely new parking, pedestrian traffic areas, and bus access. The work on this project took place within a fully-active campus. Earthmoving required the export and import of spoil and fill materials due to the lack of available space on the site. You can view the project via the time lapse photography at: http://oxblue.com/pro/?webPath=groathouse/gymrenovation

Structural Earthwork-  43,000 SF
Utility Installation- 1,100 LF
Parking Lot Construction- 55,400 SF



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