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Jacoby Golf Course (Completed)

University of Wyoming East Campus Drainage -Jacoby Golf Course- The scope of work for this project included over 70,000 CY of earth moving to construct a cascading series of ponds within an existing and active golf course. A combination cast-in-place … Continue reading

Curt Gowdy Erosion Mitigation (Completed)

Curt Gowdy State Park-State of WY Parks Department Erosion Mitigation The 2 reservoirs within the state park were suffering from moderate to severe erosion damage throughout the entire area. The 2 year scope of work included cut fill balancing of … Continue reading

UW Half Acre Gymnasium Addition (Completed)

University of Wyoming Half Acre Gym Addition Earthwork The Half Acre Gym was originally constructed in 1923. The facility has had multiple uses over its life including a training area and rifle range for the ROTC and is now primarily … Continue reading

Spring Creek Storage (Completed)

Spring Creek Village and Storage Facility Spring Creek Village is a 5.5 acre commercial development located in Laramie near the I-80 and 3rd. St. interchange. The project is comprised of roughly 10 acres of cut/fill site development along with the extension … Continue reading

Gateway Fuels Shell & Gateway Liquors (Completed)

Gateway Fuel Station Gateway fuel Station is Located in West Laramie at the WY 130 and WY 230 interchange. This 2 Acre site required approximately 9,000 CY of imported overlot fill along with new municipal and franchise utilities, fuel islands, storage tanks and … Continue reading

Enzi STEM Educational Facility Site Prep (Completed)

UW Enzi STEM Educational Facility Site Prep. The STEM site is located at the intersection of 10th and Lewis St in Laramie. Site prep for this new 100,000 SF Facility required the demolition and deconstruction of a parking area, houses and other miscellaneous … Continue reading

Fall Creek Development (Completed)

Fall Creek Development Fall Creek is a multi-unit residential/commercial development located at the southern end of 15th St. in Laramie. This 40 acre site is comprised of 145 lots. Over 90,000 CY of over-lot fill was imported and placed to ensure proper storm water … Continue reading

City of Laramie SPT Phase 1 SCH 1 (Completed)

City of Laramie, SPT Phase 1 SCH 1 Special Purpose Tax projects for the City of Laramie are focused toward the rehabilitation of city streets and infrastructure. Phase 1 Schedule 1 included over 7 city blocks in 3 different locations. Through partnership … Continue reading

WYDOT Grand Ave Utility Locating (Completed)

Utility locating involving coordination with major local governmental entities in an effort to safely locate existing utilities along 6 city blocks for future infrastructure upgrades

C.S.U. Hughes Stadium Tree Moving and Irrigation (Completed)

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Laramie Regional Airport Lift Station (Completed)

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South Express Shuttle Parking Lot (Completed)

Summit View Apartments (Completed)